Monday, March 23, 2015

TIme Lapse: Getting Started

I have been fascinated with creating Time Lapse photography. I am starting out small. This is my "primitive" attempt at creating a Time Lapse movie. I noticed once that a cut potato left exposed to air will decay. And I picked that as a subject.

Equipment Used:

1. Canon 20D with a 24-105 Canon Lens
2. Polaroid Shutter Release Remote Control
3. An AC Adapter for the Canon 20D
4. A Manfrotto Tripod (any tripod would do)
5. A Plate and a Potato

I had set up the remote control to take images at every 15 minutes. I took about 105 images over 26 hours. The setup was on a table next to a window. I went through day and night. At night I setup a table lamp. The Polaroid remote control allows for a long exposure. The exposure time was being calculated by the camera but I had set the focus manually. As day turned into night - the amount of light changes over the 26 hours and it changes the exposure of the image.