Monday, September 17, 2007

Apple iPhone, iTunes & Sync Frustrations...

  1. Plenty of people may not like Microsoft Outlook, I on the other hand, love it! It is really very, very powerful productivity tool. It makes sure that I remember all the important dates (makes sure that my family does not get ma at me J ), helps me organize and manage my dates, PLUS all my contacts. With all the simplicity Apple promotes, I think it has taken it too, too far. It installs plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook on Windows machines to sync the Contacts/Calendar. And it does an extremely poor job! Synchronization software has been around for almost 13 to 14 years (beginning with Palm PDAs) and Apple still does not get it. I am amazed that Sony Ericsson’s Windows Software does a better job than Apple at helping me synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. I recently got another cell phone – a Nokia 6120, and syncing with Outlook is a breeze. What’s up Apple? Why don’t you acquire a software company that gets Microsoft platform?
  2. Today I tried syncing, and it would drop content (an entire Photo Folder) without even warning me or telling L
  3. I have setup my Outlook to run with two profiles. The default profile handles my Office Outlook/Exchange, and another profile for three of my personal email account. Guess what, it won’t sync with the “personal” profile… all other synchronization software actually lets you pick the folder you can synchronize with…
  4. And what’s up with NOT supporting Firefox? The iTunes software will ONLY sync web bookmarks with Internet Explorer. I use a combination of Firefox and Google Firefox Sync to keep track of my bookmarks across all my machines (including the Apple Powerbook), and iTunes does NOT support Firefox!

Don’t mistake me, I still love Apple and what it has done with the iPhone! Sure it has a very, very advanced user interface… but it still has a long way to go on working as a PDA. Or, may be my expectations were very high!

PS: I am sure there many other rants and raves on the Apple iPhone, but I had to post mine.

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