Thursday, September 6, 2007

The iPhone Debacle & Power of the Consumer

I am an above average gadget guy but definitely not the extreme kind. Case in point I did get my Apple iPhone™ on June 29th but I was not standing in lines forever. I reached the Lenox Store may be 20 minutes before the 7 PM Grand Opening, stood in line with my family for about 40 minutes or so and got my 8GB iPhone.

And, I was pi**ed at the announcement made by His Jobness yesterday.

But, then there is the Power of the Consumer! The announcement angered tons of early adopters (I was fuming last night, I was willing to spend the 600 bucks, and I know some people think of that as wasting money, but I did want to be an early adopter).

The strong feedback forced Apple’s CEO to offer a rare apology to the early adopters – (He could have done better, but in this case something is better than nothing).

I was an early adopter of the 2G 30GB iPod, 1st Gen Shuffle, 2nd Gen Shuffle, and the 8GB Nano when it came out (I also own the Apple 15” G4 PowerBook). No more, not even with the $100 Apple Rebate. Apple has left a bitter impression, and I will think twice before buying any new Apple Product.

The net has changed, it has given a medium to express and point out to Apple and other companies to think through their future product strategies. And it has given power to the consumers (an interesting post @ GigaOm on this)!

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